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Univers 0

Univers 0 is for me an end and central point in hyperBrut art, drawing, painting, and writing that I have done. Univers 0 offers an explanation with pictures of the first GesteBrut, or says in another way, Universe 0 is a Tao intended for occidental people.

I do not tell you more and offer you below a video in which I read Universe 0 :

And below, a video in which I do a rereading of Univers 0 in order to explain why I wrote it and why I wrote it like this :

And finally, here is Univers 0 available for free below. To make a donation, there is the Support page. If you want to buy a paper version of Univers 0, directly from me, the price is 25 euros and you can reach me via the Contact page. For 200 euros more, you can get me to sign the book and in this case, the book will be numbered and handed over with a certificate of originality. If there are other ways to acquire the book, I will inform you on this website.
Be careful, it takes about fifteen minutes to read Universe 0, so sit comfortably: