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Univers 0

Univers 0 is a very special work for me. Univers 0 is a book-object that plays with sculpture, writing, drawing, painting, poetry, cosmogony, philosophy and abstruseness.
I discovered Univers 0 through the artistic concept of HyperBrut art.
Univers 0 occupies a central place in my journey because it’s an answer to the questions posed by the HyperBrut art concept.
It was my duty to share Univers 0 on the Internet free of charge.
Thank you for your presence.
Below you’ll find the complete Univers 0 book object, first written on and last updated on April 29, 2024.
After reading Univers 0, I recommend that you discover HyperBrut art.
If you prefer to discover HyperBrut art before Univers 0, that’s possible.
No problem.
If you’d like to purchase a paper version of this Univers 0 book object, you can reach me via the contact page. I accept Ğ1 free currency, bitcoin, ethereum, state currency, services, exchanges and more. Let’s talk about it together, I’m accommodating and love to share my art.
Happy reading and see you soon <3